Nature's Law

Attention: Mr. Christopher John Borsella

To all our listeners, thank you for listening to the American Nationalist Network.

It is also an honor for me to be able to address the American public from far away

South Africa.

As most of you know we had our 5 yearly Democratic Election yesterday and as predicted the ANC is still our Government and it will be so for the next 20 years.

What is unbelievable, is the fact that White People cannot understand that 3 million against 47 million, will not make a dent and that it is definitely not worth to stand in a queue, draw your cross and thereby legitimize the outcome of the election.

Ladies & gentleman, today I wish to talk to you about the Laws of Nature.

But before I do that, I wish to backtrack to where we were last week.

I told you about the Soweto Uprising in 1976 where the ANC organized school children to attack the police stations and to burn the schools.

Their demands were that they must be taught in their mother tongue languages and you must understand that there are nine indigenous black languages in South Africa.

You must also understand that no black language was in written form until the first Dictionary was publish in 1972.

This is very important to understand that only Afrikaans and English Textbooks was available in 1976.

After the Dictionary was developed, universities must still develop Textbooks and new and existing teachers had to be trained as to the spelling and meaning of the words.

Even today the nine black nations had not progressed to such a level as to have a full dictionary.

Now – at this point I wish to draw you attention to the 10 (ten) most important Laws of Nature.

These Laws is unescapable and it is cast in solid rock.

I will list them at first and then we will have a look at them individually.

1) The first one is Gravity.

2) Then the fact that you must kill something, plant or animal so that you can live.

3) The fact that time is unstoppable.

4) The fourth is that we are born and that we must die.

5) The Law of Water Oxygen - without this we cannot exist.

6) The sixth law is the Law of Competion with specific survival in the food chain     

7) The seventh is the Law of Procreation

8) The eight one is the Law of the Sun, that for billions of years before us and billions of years after us, will still be there to give energy to our world, the Earth.

9) The Law of Cause and Effect. Every action has a reaction.

10) The last one is the Law of Vacuum, and it is this law that I will be discussing today, but in short we will look at the other nine Natural Laws that is unescapable.



1) Gravity, cause us to have a fixed address

    Gravity is necessary so that everything has a specific place on earth and without

    Gravity there will be only Chaos.


            Food Chain:

2) We all live in a food chain where you have your enemies and your natural food


     And so do all living creatures all over the world.



3) We move around the sun and the sun moves around the universe.

     Nothing can stop time and we cannot go back in time.


4) Because of time we are born and we must live our lives and then it is time to die.

    So, growing old is unavoidable and hopefully we leave our offsprings in a better



5) The fifth is the Law of Procreation.

     We are only temporary on earth and we must procreate and handover life to the next



6) The Law of survival in the food chain is best explained by the song by Bette Midler

     (From a Distance)


     From a distance we are in harmony but if you zoom in, you found the biggest horror

     story of your life.


     Everybody is the target of somebody else and there is a saying that states: “If you

     don’t pay attention to your enemies, don’t think your enemies are not paying attention

     to you.”


7) The seventh law is the Law of Water and Oxygen, without them we could not survive.


8) The eight law is the Law of the Sun witch will give us energy for millions of years as it

     has done for billions of years before.


9) Ninth we have the Law of Cause and Effect.

    For every action there is a reaction.


    The pill have nearly turned this Law upside down as there were no reaction to the     

    killing of million of white babies for more than 50 years.


    But of course if the pill is to be used for the next 50 years, the white man will stop to

    exist and we will have a world in total chaos where no pill factories will survive.


10) Now we get the Nature's Law of Vacuum.

      When you come to think about this, it is a law that is for something that does not


      In nature, a vacuum cannot exist because nature wants to fill everything.


When there is a low pressure, the wind will blow from a high pressure to fill the vacuum in the making.

When you open a patch in the field and set up a camera, you will find that slowly it will be filled by all sorts of grass and weeds.

The weeds with millions of seeds will come first to cool the earth and keep the wind from blowing the soil away.

Then the slow growing grass will fill the vacuum and cover the patch.

If one kind of grass refuses to grow on the patch, another will grow in its place but the patch will not stay open. 

So what I want to leave you with, is to understand that nature abhors a vacuum.

If you don’t fill your space, somebody else will fill the space.

If you stop having children then somebody else will have the children in your space.

If the white woman carry on and use the human insecticide for the next 50 years then all is lost.

You will never recover and the whole Western Civilization will be dead.

How do we turn the tide around?

How to do this, don’t know but, my hope is that somebody that is listening today, have the answer and understand what had happened in South Africa and the Western World.   


Genocide and Extermination

In South Africa, we have the opinion that we are being exterminated in one of the biggest Genocide’s in Africa.

These words are not easily being used because the world only see Genocide as visions of corpses rotting in the roads as was portaged in Africa Adio.

But extermination can have many forms.

1) Firstly extermination happens when a specific group are targeted and killed and when the Government look the other way or when they give a silent nod to the killings. 

The Boer Nation has lost 30 000 people since 1994 when Black Majority Rule was implemented.

The Black Government has done everything in its power to help the murderous swine up to the point where no finger can be pointed at them.

2) They have disbanded the Commando system whose task it was to make the rural areas safe.

3) They have implemented the most stringent Gun Laws and thereby disarmed a big percentage of White Gun Owners.

4) They have abolished the death sentence and they have given voting rights to these murderers in jail.

5) Black Murderers I.E. the two blacks that murdered Eugene Terre-Blanché was given VIP treatment and even today it is unclear as to what happened to them.

6) Police have a “don’t care” attitude when Whites ask for assistance.

7) They have further de-criminalized abortion and thousands of White babies are murdered in hospitals.

8) But the Biggest Genocide happened by using the Pill and other contraceptives “Human Pesticide”.

We have lost 8 Million babies since 1960 when the Pill was introduced by the National Party of Verwoerd.

9) Also, by withholding vital information including statistics and withholding identity of victims, they cause a don’t care attitude under our Nation.

10) Genocide also happens when you constitute Laws where different races are forced together and create a Collard race by forcing people in the same schools and universities you create total integration between the races and that is also Genocide.   


Kind regards

Leader of the Boerestaat Party

Coen Vermaak