Thank you for listening to the voice of the Boer on the American Nationalist Network.

I truly hope that all our listeners have joined the American Nationalist Network and have spread the word to all of your friends to listen to us in this all important programs from South Africa.

During the past two months we have proven to you that the main reason for the downfall of the white people in South Africa was the use of contraceptives or to name it correctly the use of Human Insecticide.

This was done by our own Government that were so shortsighted because they again were being led by the three main Christian Churches in South Africa.

These mainstream Protestant Churches were infected by the enemy and they were at the forefront of promoting contraceptives under the white population.

For those listeners that had followed our shows I wish to say that I told you about the Tsetse fly.

How they are caught, sterilized and released, that the males mate with these sterilized female flies and that a whole generation is killed with this method.



I also told you about Nature's Laws.

One of them is that you have to kill something everyday, so that you can live.

It is for this reason that all seeds must be in great numbers available so that the next generation can be born.



The moment that you interfere with a specie, either by destroying his seed or destroying his environment, then it is only a matter of time for this specie to disappear forever.

Tonight we are going to look at all the methods that our enemies use against us to make sure that we are removed from the face of the earth.  



 So, for those white people who still blame the blacks for their downfall, they must think again.



We have also seen that Nature's Law does not allow a Vacuum and if we abort or kill our own children then others will have children in their place.

I wish to make the following comparison to make my point clear.

Lets take two farmers, farming with cattle.

The first one makes sure that he gets all his cows to have a calf every year.

He makes sure that his Heifers are in good condition and are ready for the bull at nine months, so that she can calf at 22 months.

He also allows the calves to stay with the cows and drink from the cow until the next year.

He also uses the best Bull that his money can buy and he does not allow other bulls to service his cows.

Now lets compare him with the following farmer. 

1) He could not care if his cows and Heifers are in good condition.

He could not care if his fences are broken and all the bulls of his neighbours are between the cows.

He takes the calves away from them and feed them out of a container with powdered milk.

Can you see the difference?

Can you see which farmer will be successful ?

In South Africa we are all Farmers but these same people did not apply their farming principles to their own people.

They were so shortsighted that they killed their own children by using contraceptives on a massive scale in the middle of black Africa.

Contraceptives is the wrong word and our enemies know this.

By using this word you create a blindspot for yourself.

You should state clearly that the pill and 16 other methods are used to stop children from being born.

Therefore it is Human Insecticide.  



When the pill was introduced into South Africa in 1960, we were just becoming independent in the sense that we proclaimed our freedom from Britain and we became the Republic of South Africa.

But the Russians were not so shortsighted and they refused the pill in Russia because they could not afford the mass murder of their children.

But they allowed abortion to be legalized because they felt that not many woman will abort their children and the pill will have a devastating effect on the Russian population.

Now to end this sorry story, all these abortion materials are send to France to extract all the Vitamins and to make Placenta products for skincare and hair products. 



Abortion has the same effect as the pill namely that it kills our children.

Our enemies will not agree that the pill and abortion is the same.

Now we must look at life and where life begins.

Also, we must find out if we have a soul.

A soul is, or rather the proof of the soul is very important.

For people that believe that we have a soul, we can really ask them as to when did they receive their souls.

* Did they received their souls when the sperm was formed.

* Or when the egg was fertilized.

* Or when the heart started to beat.

* Or when their head emerged into the world.

* Or at one year or at 10 years.



Also you might ask, who gave you your soul.

Did God stand next to the bed when your parents had sex and Walla, gave the right sperm a soul.

Or did God give you a soul when you were taken from your mothers belly when the doctor performed a caesarean section?

And what happened to the souls of babies that are stillborn.

Or babies that are aborted.

My answer to this difficult question is that there is no such thing as life or a soul.

There is only energy.

We get our energy from that little protein bag on the back of the sperm.

That is where life begins.

And that is what is killed when an abortion is called for.

From the moment that the sperm enters the egg, the only energy available to them is the energy in the sperm and this energy grows and multiply until the child is born at 34˚ Celsius and this energy will be able to function alone and maintain life. 

And the growth does not stop there.

It grows for 25 years and then it stops.

Then at 25, slowly the process is reversed and we start to become old.

By then we should have procreate and brought in the next Generation.

Our bodies change and our hormones change.

If we leave the procreation till after 25, then life becomes a struggle and  it is difficult to bring fourth the next generation.

That is why we must have children at a very early stage.

Nature teaches us that it must happen between 16 years and 25 years. 



But now we must understand how abortion is done and also other methods of killing our babies by using various methods and chemicals.

Let's list 17 of these Methods:     

1) The use of spermicide spray or foam

2) The morning after pill Ru486

3) Injection with estrogene steroids  

4) The pill

5) I.U.D implants in the womb

6) Diafragma in the cervix

7) Condoms for Men & Woman

8) Sperm rings in the vagina

9) Sterilization of men & woman

10) Under skin patches of estrogen

11) Rinsing or washing after sex

12) Abstinence

13) Coitus Interruptus

14) Abortion

15) Promotion of homosexual people

16) Propaganda against early marriages

17) Using faith to promote abstinence as the Catholics do and proclaim sex as a sin as the Protestants do.



Here you can see that our enemies have developed many methods to kill the unborn child and it was only the white man and woman that took the bait.

I wonder if you can imagine how much money is spend on prevention of white babies.

In South Africa they distribute 300 million condoms for free at a cost of 450 million rand per year.

In America there is a Website:

The Guttmacher Institute which have a Jewish sound to me.

On this website you will find that the majority of abortions are done on white woman.

In South Africa the abortions in state hospitals exceed 3000 per month.

That is excluding Mari Stopes Clinics and the total figure will exceed 10,000 per month if you include illegal abortions.

That is 120,000 per year of which is 30% white babies.

That my friends represents 36,000 white babies thrown into the toilets per year in

South Africa.



Boerestaat Party Principles

We stand for our own language, our own universities and our own culture.

* We do not agree that all people have the same value.

* We stand for our own country and our own Government.

* We wish to have freedom to decide our own future.

* And if we have to share the same borders with nine other nations, then all nine nations can’t be seen as equal.

Then qualified franchise must be implemented.

At this stage I wish to inform you that the Boerestaat Party does not mind if other races use these Human Pesticide but our target group is our own nation.

We are a minority party and we can never become the Government in South Africa.

But again we are representing a nation and not a segment of South Africa.

We wish to increase our nation to twenty million people and everyone that is against that, either wish to kill white babies or are too stupid to understand the consequents of their action.

* We stand for Genetic Revival and not Genetic destroyal.

* We stand for Traditional Family Values.

* We stand for Natural order between Male & Female and will never support the same sex   relations.

* We stand for our own school system.

Kind regards

Leader of the Boerestaat Party

Coen Vermaak


News out of South Africa on 22 May 2014

1) a Farmer and his Daughter were murdered on their farm near Harare.

Mr. Malcolm Francis and his daughter Catherine had their afternoon walk and when they did not returned, a search was organized.

They were found with their hands and feet bound together and they had horrific head wounds.

They died later in the Hospital.

No mention was made if Catherine was raped by their black attackers.



2) 32 black soldiers were arrested in a shebeen in Oudshoorn.

Among them was a drunk black General and he called in two panzer vehicles and 120 other soldiers to attack the Police.



3) The names of 19 persons that died in the Church Street Bomb, 31 years ago, was handed to the ANC Government to be displayed at the ANC Freedom Park.

The ANC Planted this Bomb in front of the Air force offices in Church Street, Pretoria where 19 civilians died.                       


Kindly yours

Coen Vermaak


News out of the New South Africa on 29 May 2014


1) A black man, in Tzaneen, stabbed his girlfriend and her father repeatedly and then smashed her two year old child against a wall.

He then set the house on fire and burned the two year old child to death.

2) A black man Nsieni Khuphani used an axe and murdered his 3 month old baby, by chopping him to pieces with the axe.


3) a Black woman Christina Baloyi murdered her own daughter and threw her in a 'long drop' outside toilet.

The baby was 20 months old.


4) Thousands of Rhino’s were killed since 1994 for their horns that Chinese believe to increase Chinese men’s sex drives.

Chinese men are so backwards that they kill these gentle giants for something that is totally worthless. 

5) It was no surprise to the Boerestaat Party, that the ANC kicked out the ex National Party Minister, Martinus van Schalkwyk.

After de Klerk’s handover in 1994 to the Communist ANC, Van Schalkwyk became the leader of the Nationalist Party, and then he was taken up into the ANC and the Nationalist Party was dissolved and disbanded.

6) Pieter Mulder, Leader of the so called Conservative wing of the Afrikaners, that has served 5 years in the ANC Parliament as deputy minister of agriculture, was kicked out of the ANC Cabinet by Zuma. 

7) The Boerestaat Party of SA, laid a wreath at the wall of Remembrance, at the Voortrekker Monument on Sunday 25 May 2014.

See: You Tube: Annual Commemoration Service at SA defence

This wall was built for the thousands of young white troops that died during the war against the ANC.


Kindly yours

Coen Vermaak