Where does Humans Came from


Ladies and gentleman, good afternoon and welcome to our show on this Thursday the 12th of June 2014.

I also thank the American Nationalist Network for this opportunity to speak to you from South Africa.

Today we will talk about the origin of the human race and also about the different human races that we find in our world.


Many, many books have been written about how Humans developed or how they were created.

One of the books in the Bible and we find the whole story in there, about how God created Adam & Eve.

We can be flippant about this story but millions of people believe that story, because they were told that it is the truth from childhood.

If you ask the question as to where the different races came from, the Christians will refer you to the story of Noah.

At the moment there is a very good Hollywood story about Noah and it is so well done with modern technology and a computer that very few will think that it is not true

Noah had three sons, Sem, Gam and Japheth.

According to the Christian Bible, Sem was the forefather of the Semite people in the middle East, Gam was the forefather of all black people and Japheth was again the forefather of the Europeans.

The Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Red Indians and Asian’s must have been an afterthought.

According to the latest Jewish driven theory there are no such thing as race and that there are only the Human Race.

These falsehoods are propagated by our enemies to let racemixing be acceptable to the new Generation.

Well, that is the one theory and if you can’t accept that one then you can try the following theory.   


In South Africa near Krugersdorp, there is an area called the Cradle of Human Kind.

According to the Jewish Professor, Phillip Tobias and all the other Jewish Professors at Wits University, this is the area where you and I originated. 

There was a half-human primate, Mrs. Ples that lived here 2 million years ago.

She is the mother of all humans and from this area they moved to the rest of the world.

From these small beginnings they travelled through Africa and settled all over the world.

In Africa they became black and in Europe they became white.

In Japan and China they developed funny eyes and in Asia and India they became semi-black.

So, it is like the American Politics.

You can vote for two parties, the Republicans or the Democrats but they are all the same.

Here you can choose between Eve and Mrs. Ples but you must understand that we all came from the same source and there is no difference between us, according to the Liberals and Communist.


Well now, how can we disprove these theories and stories?

There is one major problem and that is that all the races can procreate with each other and therefore modern scientist will tell you that there must have been a single ancestor for everybody on earth.


According to the Jewish stories and theories the first humans were black and that the white people descend from black people.



What they don’t say is that white birds, white goats, white foxes, white bears, white rabbits etc did not originate in South Africa.

No, they keep quiet about that.

They also don’t say why black people have flat hair and why white people have round hair.

How mad must you be to think that black frizzy hair could become straight blond hair?

And if they wish to proof that all humans came from only one person, what about all the birds.

What about all the bears? 

What about all the grasshoppers?

What about all the grass?

What about all the antilope, snakes, fish, trees, insects, spiders and viruses?

Was there also only one of each and did they evolve into millions of different species?

No and No again!!!

Each species had its own Adam & Eve and the following will proof that.


At this stage I wish to inform you that Earth was first inhabitant by dinosaures.

These massive animals lived on Earth from 350 million years ago to about 50 million years ago.

The biggest so far discovered had a weight of 100 Ton and you can understand that these animals needed a lot of food to sustain such a body.

But before I tell you about the Dinosaures, I would like to tell you about the difference between black and white people.

Black people have a black skin because they originate on the Equator.  

Look at any world map and you will see that the Equator runs through the middle of Africa, through India and through South America.

In all these countries the people are black.

Please note now that it is very hot on the Equator, ± 45˚C and that the rainfall is very high causing very high humidity.

If black people were not black, they would have died from skin cancer, because of the heat of the Sun.

But now, you know that a black car is much hotter than a white car.

Black Tarmac is much hotter than the white Line.

Therefore black people absorbs more heat because they are black and they must somehow find a way to get rid of the heat that accumulates in their bodies.

In humans the biggest part of their sweat glands are on their heads, because the brain must be kept cool or at body temperature of 34˚C.

So, a black person must have flat hair so that it can curl.

At that time there were no combs or hair brushes and black people’s hair will form little tufts (clossies) so that the head is actually uncovered.

Now, heat can escape and the sweat glands can cool the brain.

A further characteristic of black people is that they have flat noses with wide open nostrils.

This is because the air is already very hot and humid on the Equator and therefore no restriction is allowed to get the air into the lungs.

Because of the high humid condition on the Equator humans need to take in a lot of water.

When you are thirsty your lips goes dry and you lick with your tongue over your lips.

On the side of your tongue, there are small sensors that rub over your teeth and send a signal to the brain that you are thirsty.

Now black people have thick lips that will cause them to drink more water because they have a bigger sensor to send a signal to the brain.       


So the traditional black person has frizzy hair, flat nose, massive nostrils and thick lips.

The white people developed in the cold areas of the world.



* They have a white skin to be able to produce Vitamin D even if the sun is behind clouds for weeks.

* They have long hair to protect the brain from the cold.

* They have thin noses to heat up the air in cold conditions.

* The nose becomes red and running, because dry and cold air is not allowed in the lungs.

* The lips are thin, because water intake is not a serious activity in cold conditions.

* The nerve endings in their teeth force them to breathe through their noses.

* In very cold areas you find that the noses actually become curved to increase the time the air is traveling through the nose.

So ladies and gentleman, can you now see that black people, black cattle, black bears, black chimpanzees are all meant and designed for very hot and wet conditions.

Can you see that white people are designed for cold areas where the sun is not always shinning?

Do you understand why bears are white in cold climates?


Now we must only explain one question and that is how it is possible that white and black can procreate?


We come back to the dinosaurs 350 million years ago to 50 million years ago.

At that stage the earth was one big continent that we call the “Pangaea”.

All the dinosaurs lived on this continent for million’s of years.

The Pangaea Continent covered 30% of the Earth, Europe, America, Africa and Asia formed this super continent Pangaea.

Slowly, because of the heat generated of the earth, forced the continents into different parts and the dinosaurs were separated from each other.

For millions of years this process continued and the human ancestors that were dinosaurs settled in their new climates and developed new methods to survive.  


So there you have it ladies and gentleman.

Look in the mirror and you will still see the Dinosaur looking back at you.

We are not decedents from Mrs. Ples or Eve in the Bible.

We are part of the original animals that lived on the planet Earth for 350 million years.

What you also must understand is that we are part of the animal world.

All living beings have their enemies and also their food supply.

You as a human must understand that to survive on this planet, you must compete with other races to the best of your ability.

 If you do not give attention to your enemy, then you must not think that your enemy is not giving attention to you.

You must teach your children that they should compete on all walks of live and that procreation is the most important part of this competition.

The white people are the wonder of the world and we need to keep it that way.

It is not necessary to hate other races or other nations.

No hate will be unnecessary if we all understand competition and be loyal to your own kind.


Never again must there be a situation as in World War 1 and World War 2 where 70 million white people died by their own hand.

Race loyalty and love of your own kind is essential for a happy and fulfilling life. 


Kind regards

Coen Vermaak


What is the connection between these people


  1. Arthur Goldreigh
  2. Dennis Goldberg
  3. Rusty Bernstein
  4. Bob Hepple
  5. Joe Slovo
  6. Harold Wolpe
  7. Braam Fisher
  8. Joël Joffe
  9. Arthur Chaskalson
  10. Mendal Kaplan
  11.  Harry Oppenheimer
  12.  Lorna Levy
  13.  Howard Sackstein
  14.  Deborah Posell
  15.  Wendy Kahn
  16.  Rowley Arendstein
  17.  Ronny Kasrills
  18.  Nicky Oppenheimer
  19.  Dr. Warren Goldstein
  20.  Ivan Glasenberg
  21.  Ben Turok
  22.  James Kantor
  23.  Sol Keszner
  24.  Raymond Ackerman
  25.  Helen Zuzman
  26.  Harry Schwartz
  27.  Tony Leon
  28.  Helen Zille
  29.  David Saks
  30.  Nadine Gordimer
  31.  Ridgard Goldstone
  32.  Phillip Tobias
  33.  Pieter Dirk Uys
  34.  Albie Sachs
  35.  Sammy Marks
  36.  Barney Bernato
  37.  Alfred Beit
  38.  Directors of East  Indian Company


All of these people endeavor and pledge their lives to make sure that the Black ANC Government comes into Power in South Africa.

And they are further connected by being Jewish and loyal to their own country Israel.

Kindly yours

Coen Vermaak


News out of South Africa on 12 June 2014

1)  The following news can only be out of South Africa.

A black man killed his ex-girlfriend and new boyfriend in Gugolethu.

He then hacked out his heart and ate it raw.

Police then arrived on the gruesome scene, had to be treated for shock. 


2) The mining sector in Rustenburg is on the verge of total collapse while the crippling strike by 80,000 black workers are still in effect.

From all over the country church groups are sending food parcels to the white community that have no income for three months.


3) Clive Derby-Lewis, the man that has spend 20 years in jail under the ANC rule for something that he did not do will hear on the 18th of July if he will be paroled.


4) A 73 year old farmer were very lucky when two black attackers over-powered him.

He was shot behind the ear but Mr. Hannes Grobler managed to shoot both his attackers.

The attackers were the same that attacked other farms in the Delmas district.