No 12: Truth and Equality

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My name is Coen Vermaak and I am the Current Leader of the Boerestaat Party of SA.

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This is the Voice of the Boer and again I wish to thank the American Nationalist Network that sponsor The Boerestaat Party of South Africa to host this show at 12 noon every Thursday.

I also wish to thank Mr. Rodney Martin for this opportunity and I sincerely hope that we can make a difference for our future generations.


We will have the news first and we will have two advertisement breaks where we will also play music out of South Africa.

Then we will proceed with our show under the heading of Truth and Equality.


1. The Boerestaat Party is a registered Political Party but we do not participate in the General Elections until such time that Qualified Franchise is implemented.

We do not agree that one man one vote is the answer to a Modern Developing Country where 13 different Nations live under one constitution.

We also do not agree that all people are equal.

We do not agree that a Murderer can sit in jail and have the right to vote.

We stand by our view point that the moment that you are found guilty in court for rape, murder, housebreaking and attempted murder then you automatic loose your Citizenship.

You loose the right to be a Citizen of South Africa.

You loose the right to owe an ID Book and you should never again be granted Citizenship or a passport.

You loose the right to have a driver’s license and this will stop the criminals of taking South Africa over the edge of no return.

Obviously we wish the death penalty reinstated but these liberals have no stomach for it.

But now we sit in the situation that we have no Laws that can be used other than putting these bastards in jail and we must feed them and they can vote in the next Election and have the same rights as the Citizen that work hard everyday to feed his family and build the economy of this country.


Our main aim tonight is to find out what the truth is and what Equality is.

In the last two weeks we had to find out that the Political stalwarth of the ANC, Palo Jordan lied about his doctor’s qualifications.

He lied and we also found that the man at the Head of the SABC that is the South African Broadcasting Corporation lied about his Matric certificate.

This man, Hlaudi Motsoeneng actually designed his own certificate and never saw the inside of a classroom.

This is also the tip of the Iceberg.

In the newspapers every Municipalitie advertised for people to fill various posts and they list all the Qualifications that are necessary.

But there it stops.

These post are filled with family and friends just like Zuma’s daughter of 25 years, becoming the head of a department with no experience whatsoever.

In North West 14 out of 23 Municipalities are under Administration with no hope of paying their dept. to Eskom, Rand Water and other Service Providers.

Contractors for sewage pumps are not paid and raw sewage runs continuously into our rivers and dams. 


The reason is just that these people do not have the skills and all the White supervisors were given a Pension Packet to get rid of the White Man. 


The Truth is that our new Government is the biggest liars of all time.

They have no Qualifications and they fabricated any document that is needed.

Even Birth Certificates, ID documents, doctor’s degrees and matric results are fabricated.

Engineer’s diplomas are also under a cloud of lies.

I said to you that this is only the tip of the Iceberg and I mean that.

We can also look further to find out what lies is there in the bigger world?

Let’s list them and then we will look at them individually?

1) Do AIDS exist?

2) Does Indigenous People have more rights that Alliens?

3) Who are the true owners of Palestine the Jews or the Palestinians?

4) Are the farm murders in South Africa Government assisted or is it a criminal activity?

5) Are all people equal?

6) Is a one man one vote system the answer to all Countries and Communities?

7) Did Noag exist and was the whole world flooded?

8) Did God had sex with Maria and did this half God half human created Christianity?

9) Was 6 million Jews killed deliberating by the Germans?

10) Did 65 million White men died during the World Wars?

11) Did America went to the Moon or was it a Hollywood production?

This is a very difficult time to make up ones mind because every point I made have huge consequences if these points are to be debated.

We teach our children that they must be truthful at all times and that they should not lie.

But what I have found is that the bigger the Lie the more people will believe that it is the truth.

The whole world is one big Lie and it depends who has the power to drive the Lies so that the Majority will believe it.

Let’s take the point that all people are equal even before God.


Everybody can see clearly that all people are not equal.

We are born differently because our genes are different.

You get very clever people and you get very stupid people.

You get criminals and you get Law abiding Citizens.

You get shortsighted people and farsighted people.

And then it is impossible to proof that God exist and it is clearly a Lie that we are equal before God.

Be very careful if you accept the Lie that everybody are all equal.

On the internet you will find millions of Porn sights, Video’s and clips.

Are you comfortable with this or do you think that it should not exist.

I am not conservative when it comes to sex.

I wish people to have more sex and have more children, but what the internet does is to make sex filthy and especially when interracial sex is displayed.

If you accept that all people are equal then you won’t have a problem with Porn and also not with interracial Porn.

No good government should allow Porn to be displayed on the internet.

We loose respect for other people of our race and become World Citizens with no loyalty to our own.

Do you know that Hollywood are the main producers of Porn and do you know to what race these Porn Producers belong to.

China gave us a very good example as to close the internet and control this filth.

If you are awake you won’t find Jewish Porn but you will find Arab Porn, Black and White Porn but no Jewish Porn.

Do you think that is a coincidence?

2.         The AIDS Hoax is another Point

There is no major dying taking place and most people do not even know one person personally that died of AIDS.

Please refer back to our show on the 17 July 2014 where I explained in detail that AIDS was a setup to stop White babies being born.

The AIDS Virus was never identified and was never seen under a microscope.

They are lying to the world for 34 years without proof whatsoever and they had made Billions out of their Lies.

But I have good news for our listeners.

In our newspaper the Beeld of 13th August 2014 on page 14, there they had a Ebola Virus under a Microscope that was isolated in Switserland but the AIDS Virus could not be found in 34 years since 1980.


The Pill

The whole world is being told everyday that the world is overpopulated.

The truth is that the whole world’s population can fit into Texas with 300 sq meter per person and then the rest of the world would be empty.

And if people are concerned that the world is overpopulated go and jump of a high building so that we can be rid of you.

You are not going to live past 80 years so why is it such a concern to you.

You are here only temporary so what concerns you?

What should concern these Liars is the fact that they make there own kind a Minority that will be raped, murdered and attacked by the majority.

Farm murders in South Africa

We can rightly ask the question.

Is farm murders being silently applauded by the Government or are the criminals hired by agents of the Government or are these just opportunistic criminals that attack old people?

It is clear that old people are the targets and it is clear that it is not only for cowardly reasons.

They target people that were living through the Apartheid Period and it is clearly a revenge killing and it is clearly sanctioned by the Government.

* The Government removed the Death Penalty.

* The Government disbanded the Commando system.

* The Government made impossible Gun control Laws and disarmed thousands of White Gun owners.

* The Government removed 90% of White policeman from the force.

It was reported today that Mr. and Mrs. Dolf de Lange was murdered by two blacks. They were 67 and 65 years old.

Also was reported that Mr. Faan van der Merwe (69) was shot in his face by black intruders.

In not one of these murders did they indicate of what race the murderers were, as I just did.

Don’t you think that there are a couple of Lies behind the extermination of White People in South Africa?

This is a daily occurrence and I myself is also suited for elimination by the ANC Government.

If you read of my death at the hands of Black criminals, would you then believe me?



I told our listeners in the beginning of our Talk shows as to how illiterate the Black Citizens was in 1973 when the first dictionary in a black language was tabled.

In 1976 the Soweto unrest occurs under the Leadership of the ANC but there were no schoolbooks available accept in English and Afrikaans.

Under those conditions and in context of the time you must understand that there were people in one Country but Worlds Apart.

At that stage there was still enough White people around to maintain a Western Civilization and to man the essential positions in Government and Private sector.

But as I told you since 1980 we closed down 600 White classrooms in White schools due to the use of the Pill since 1961, when Verwoerd and his criminals spread the Human Insecticide, The Pill under White woman.

So, Apartheid was not a system that could not work.

Apartheid was undermined by the same people that set up the Apartheid System.

They were the most shortsighted people that the White race ever produced.

The question now begs to be answered?

Why were they shortsighted and why could they not understand that if you sterilize your woman then you will be removed by force by others that understand Natures Laws.

I will tell you, the answer lays in the fact that they were all people of the Church.

There are three Mainline Churches for the Afrikaners and they are called Sisters Churches.

The whole Government of Verwoerds criminals belonged to one of these Suster Churches and they also belonged to an organization called the Broederbond.

The Broederbond was run by all the Preachers of the Suster Churches and they claimed that they were special before God.

They did not believe in Natures Law and they believed that they have a special Bond with God.

Now it is clear that this was a big Lie, don’t you think?

There were a Professor Floors van Jaarsveld who claimed that God did not help the Voortrekkers at Bloodriver but that the Boers themselves was so brilliant as to win 10,000 Zulu’s.

Immediately there were an outcry and my vriend Eugene Terre-Blanche that also had a special relationship with God went and Tar and Feathered Prof. Van Jaarsveld in a public meeting in Pretoria.

You must also remember that my vriend Mr. Eugene Terre-Blanche was murdered on his farm by blacks and that apparently God was not happy with him.


So I think that the Verwoerd group was one big Lie and that they build a world on a Lie and they themselves undermined their own invention by killing White babies.

Ladies and Gentleman, you will have to ask yourself the question.

Are you also living in a country that is built on Lies?

Do you still believe that one man one vote is the answer?

Do you still believe that you are special and that you have a Angel looking after your wellbeing?

You must wake up to the world of Lies and you must understand your enemy.

You are the focus of your enemies attention and if you don’t realize that then you will only exist in die History Books.


Kindly yours

Coen Vermaak    


News out of Dark South Africa on 21 August 2014


1) 8 White farmers were arrested and brought before the Court when one farmer found a Black man on his land.

The Black man assaulted the farmer Mr. Van der Walt and he called for help from his neighbors.

The Black man was arrested and he tried to escape.

He then open a case at the Police station and all 8 White farmers were arrested.  



2) In Wolmaransstad a train derailed because the rails was stolen during the night just after the rail was repaired due to previous theft of the railway line.



3) At Eikenhof hundreds of Motorist was attacked by Blacks throwing rocks and burning tires in the street.

Thousands of rocks as big as soccer balls were littered next to the road and 30 windscreens of cars were strewn across the road to Vereeniging.

No mention of this little war was mentioned in the newspapers.     



4) a Huge sewage problem is busy to develop over the whole South Africa.

Most sewage farms is not working and raw sewage is running into the rivers and dams.

In every City and Town sewage manholes are running over and the sewage runs in the stormwater system and all natural life in the rivers are contaminated.

The World Health Organization should be contacts as most rivers are contaminated and epidemics are not far in the future.