Suicide of the Westl

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My name is Coen Vermaak and I am the Current Leader of the Boerestaat Party of SA.

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I think that by now all our regular listeners understand that my mission in life is to stop the Boer Nation and the White people in general from committing Suicide.

My life and everything I own are focus on this particular problem of barrenness of our Nation and our race.

Most White people do not even know of this problem because it is camouflage by our enemies.

It is our blind spot and we don’t notice this extermination of our people.

Our enemies also choose to make jokes about our views because that is how you deal with your enemy you joke about it and belittle his views.

But you as listener must understand one thing and that is that everybody that are against the birth of White babies, must be your enemy even if it is your own brother or your own mother, if they wish that you never existed, than they must be your enemy.

People that tell you that children are expensive and that you can’t afford children are the worst enemy of them all.

These people tell their own children that they are expensive and all these children have a guild complex for the rest of their life’s.


The truth is that our Government is expensive.

Our so called Government created an environment where the salaries of men were reduced and the poor wife must help with the income and children became unimportant.

A car, a swimming pool, furniture and a holiday is not expensive but a little baby is beyond our means because our enemies told us so.


I said to you that my whole life is focused on one aspect of our survival and that is the barrenness of our Nation.

Immediately I must add that I am not alone in this war.

I can name thousands of people that understand this onslaught.

I find myself in very excellent company and one of them is Patrick J Buchanan.


Patrick Buchanan was a senior advisor to three American Presidents and he was running for nomination for the American Presidency in 1992 and 1996.

He wrote a book with the name of Death of the West and this is the book that every man and woman must read.

He instructed the UN to supply him with information regarding the Demographics of Europe and found that all the Christian countries had a negative population growth rate accept the Moslem Albania.  

According to this UN report the 3rd World is going to add One Hundred Million people every fifteen months to the Worlds population and that Europe will loose the equivalent of the total population of Belgium Holland Denmark, Norway and Germany together at the year 2050.

Now if this does not bother you then you must stop Listening to the Boer Voice out of South Africa.

To put it in perspective, Europe will loose 330 million people by the year 2050.


Are you still looking for somebody to blame other than yourself?

In Germany the Germans are 80 million people and they were 80 million in 1945 when the 2nd World War stopped.

In Russia they have 147 million people in 2010 and they are going to loose 30 million people by using all the contraceptives and abortion available to them by 2050.

In England the population is 63 million and England is importing people from the 3rd World on a massive scale to come and do the work for them.

The whole of Europe is running out of young people.

Europe has the most fertile lands but they are the most unfertile population and the whole world is coming for them.


The Romans

I wish to explain the Roman Empire to our listeners.

The Roman Empire started about 200 years before Christ and lasted up to 400 years after Christ.

For 600 years they ruled Europe, Greece, Israel, England and Egypt.

The original Romans were Blond and blue eye White people and they overrun all the nations in the known world.

There were about 4 million Romans during the time of Augustus and at the same time there were 2 million slaves in Rome.

Now, Rome overtook Spain, France, England, Nederland, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Portugal and Germany.

In every Country they overrun they set up a Garrison of soldiers and administrators to claim Tax from the population and maintain Law and Order.

Most of the young soldiers were away from their homes and fighting Caesars War for them.

Thousands died and the rest maintain the army in all the foreign lands.

At home there were a shortage of young man and a big percentage of the woman had sex with the 2 million slaves.

These slaves came mostly out of Egypt, Alexandria, Israel, Irak and Libia and were of the Semitic race.

The result is there for everybody to see. Where are the Blond and blue eye Romans today?

Do you think that the Italians can rule the world as they are today?

This Population Reformation was the result of Race mixing by the female population of Rome and of-cause the Roman Soldiers also left their calling cards in the countries that they overpowered.

Do you understand now why the American Governments send their Black troops to Germany?

The people behind the American Government know exactly the lessons of history of the Roman Empire.

They know that the Black troops will leave their mark in this mostly White population of Germany.

They do their best to stop White children from being born by pushing Human Insecticide and abortion onto the White Germans.

Their aim is to bastardize Germany to look like France, Italy and Spain and you as listener do not realize that the Population Controllers are working worldwide in a network similar to the Drug Trade.

The Population Controllers are in the United Nations, in the world Health Organizations, in the world Council of Churches and in the World Bank.

They set up Organizations like Love Life, Mari Stapes Clinics, the United Nations Populations fund, the UN children funds, the Annenberg school of Communication.

The John Hopkins University Population Communication services.

I can go on and on but you must understand that there are enemies that have an interest in you, even if you don’t know it.

The Population Controllers have all the money in the world to their disposal and most of them are in the forefront of the so-called AIDS Hoax that we discussed last week.

They employ doctors and Lab. Technicians in every Country in the world and they push their Human Insecticide, Abortion, Vasektomie, Condoms and Homosexuals to the limit.

They have a agenda and their agenda is to stop our future generation in its tracks.

They work to a situation where the first world, (Developed Countries) runs out of young people to take over from the older generation.

Their aim is to employ 3rd world people in the Vacuum that exist in the first world countries.

The 2nd world countries (developing) are in the bag already and their populations are stagnating.

Greece, Australia, New Zeeland, Spain and Switserland are only a couple of countries that has stopped procreating and are stagnating regarding their economy growth and population growth.


Do you think that the man salary was by accidentally reduced to such a stage where he could not afford a household?

Do you think that White men will be able to find work in the sea of Coloured and Black Population?

We in South Africa can teach you in America some lessons that are coming your way.


In South Africa there are Laws Protecting the Majority against the Minority for 20 years.

The Whites are 9% of the Population and they can only be employed in any Government, Semi Government and Private institutions at 9% of the workforce.

We have Affirmative Action Laws that discriminate against White people by the Majority Black Government that has all the Political power under their control.

We call the system Ineptocracy and not Affirmative Action. 

White owned Companies are forced to give 51% of their business to Black People.

If you don’t comply then you are forced out of the market due to an unfilled score card.

Black woman are the first choice when Tenders are evaluated.

White woman are forced out of the Job Market and very few businesses have White receptionist nowadays.

Companies with more than one hundred workers must submit a plan to the Government as to how they are going to reform their organizations to reflect the Population.

A fine of 5 Million Rand can be levied against companies that do not comply.

This discrimination will not stop as in Zimbabwe 99% of Whites were driven of their farms and out of their businesses.

In South Africa the farmers are murdered and driven of their lands by People claiming property rights going back 200 years when the Great Trek started in 1835.

Investment in South Africa is non existent because investors are not feeling safe in the South African economy.

So, when you are eventually becoming a minority in America and in Europe you will know that you have been warned by those that have gone before you.

Mr. Patrick Buchanan wrote the Book “The Death of the West” in 2002 and I wrote a book Coitus Interruptus in 2004.

90% of People do not understand the term Coitus Interruptus and this term originated in the Bible where Onan had to impregnate his Brothers Wife.

He refused to do that and in the act of Coitus he withdraws and God killed him immediately.

Now, the Christian Bible is not clear exactly why God killed Onan.

Was he killed for refusing to have a baby with his brother’s wife or was he killed because he wasted his seed.

It also might not be the truth but the story is to warn people that if you refuse to bring in the next generation, then it is the same if you are killing yourself and remove your offspring from this world.  

As in South Africa, children disappeared from 1961 onwards.

The majority of woman refused to have children and used the Pill.

The second trench in this war against our children was Abortion and in America in 1973 600,000 abortions was performed in America per year.

Ronald Reagan signed the most liberal abortion laws and for South Africa, Reagan was a Rightwing President.

In South Africa the Black Government went further in their war against the White population by Legalizing the right of all woman and children to have a abortion whenever they choose and without consent of the Parent.

The ANC Government new that if they killed 5% of 45 million Blacks it will be a small price to pay if they could get rid of 250,000 White babies.

The abortion laws in South Africa are directed at the minority White People and the Whites do not understand this new war against them.   

And if I can, I wish to use a sentence out of Mr. Buchanan’s book, Death of the West where Pogo said:

We have seen the enemy: and that is us


Kindly yours

Coen Vermaak    


News out of South Africa on 7 August 2014

1) On a smallholding East of Pretoria, Mr. Ponty Thuysma was attacked in his home.

He is 76 years old.

All the bones in his face were smashed and the Black Attackers poured petrol down his throat.

They also burned him in his face with an Electrical iron.



2) Mr. Koos Jonker (79) was murdered on his farm near Ellisras by 5 Blacks that attacked him while he was asleep in his bed.



3) Three black men appeared in court after killing a 17 year old White Girl.

They also raped her with a plastic pipe and crushed her scull with a brick.



4) Mr. Wimpy Viljoen, owner of the Heavenly Restaurant, was killed by Black intruders at his home.

He was a well known Christian Lay Preacher in Vanderbijlpark.



5) Dr. Tony Allden (56) from Pretoria was shot three times while sleeping in his bed by three blacks that broke into his home while the family was sleeping.

Seven shots were fired in the house.



6) An Earthquake registering 5.4 on the Richter scale shook Transvaal and the tremors was felt up to Natal.

One person died when his house collapsed and 600 homes were severely damaged.