Soweto uprising in 1976

The ANC, a terrorist organization started to organize school boycotts and the excuse was that they did not wish to be taught in Afrikaans and English.

It started in 1976 when thousands of school children were marching to Police Stations and 176 children including Hector Pieterson was shot dead.

There were no proof that the Police shot him but the whole world climbed on the bandwagon and South Africa was made the skunk of the world.



Now, your listeners must understand The Black People never had a written History.

They never developed a own Alphabet.

No books exist in any African Language in South Africa prior to 1972.

The white people started to create a Black Dictionary and in 1972 the first edition was published.

Your listeners must also understand that there is nine black languages in South Africa.



They must also understand that these Dictionaries must be developed and discussed and then when agreement is reached, it goes for printing.

But then teachers must be trained how the words are spelled.

Universities must implement a curriculum and existing teachers must enroll for training.

Your listeners must understand the picture.

The Black Learners was being taught in Afrikaans and English. They wanted a mother tongue education, but they had no dictionary or books in a African Language.

Even today, the black people of Limpopo does not have textbooks, because there is no written language for them and we are now in 2014.



This problem still exist today.

The blacks does not understand that we are a Bilingual Country and that everybody must be able to speak and write in both languages.

By using a black languages they do themselves a big disfavor.

My estimate is that 70% of our black population can’t write or read in any language.

The problem is that the White man is blamed for this.

The White man was blamed in 1976 and they are still blamed today.

Nobody told people like Malema that it was themselves that was so underdeveloped that they never invented the written word.

Speaking of the act of writing.

When Jan van Riebeeck arrived in 1652, he brought pen and paper with him.

The pen consisted of a quill feather and ink.

The black people scratched on cave walls.

Later the feather was replaced by a wooden pièce with a steel point.

Later the fountain pen and the ball point pen was invented to write down our history of Civilization.

The pencil was invented in England in 1564 near Keswick where carbon was first found.

But in Africa, writing is still a problem today and the White man is blamed for this.

We have a President that has no schooling and so are most of his cabinet members.

In no way can South Africa develop to its full potential with rulers as we have today.

Because of this terrible illiterate situation in South Africa, the Boerestaat Party standpoint is that a Qualified Franchise system should be implemented where everybody have One Vote but through education, Land ownership and Employers or Business owners, their vote should count more on a scale up to one hundred points.    


Kind regards

Leader of the Boerestaat Party

Coen Vermaak