No 13: My Brother, Paul Vermaak 

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My name is Coen Vermaak and I am the Leader of the Boerestaat Party of SA and I must stress that we do not participate in the General Elections because we do not believe that the Traditional Democracy can be applied where 13 different Nations have one constitution.

I also wish to thank Mr. David Baillie for this opportunity and I sincerely hope that we can make a difference for our future generations.

We will have the news first and we will have two advertisement breaks where we will also play music out of South Africa.

Mr. David Baillie will read the news now.


Some people in South Africa are still hovering in the Stone Age and I must say that they amount to at least 50% of the inhabitants of South Africa.   

I do not use the word Citizens because most of them do not understand Citizenship.

They do not understand that for the Privilege of Citizenship you will also have responsibilities towards the economy, the environment and towards a free and fair society where every person has the right to life.

In South Africa they still stone people to Death as two young women were killed in Phalaborwa because other people said they are witches.

The Semites use to kill woman in this manner but we are 2,000 years past such barbaric actions and we still have such persons in our so-called democracy.


We have people, if you can call them that that cut of Private parts, Hearts, Lungs and even complete legs and arms to sell to the Muti Doctors.

These Human Parts are even stolen out of Mortuaries and nobody is certain that their love ones are not butchered and sold for Muti.

It is a everyday occurrence that you read in newspapers that the Police caught somebody selling eyes, ears, tongue or some or other body parts.

These Inhabitants have voting rights and they dictate the future of this wonderful Country because they are the Majority.

If we, as the Boerestaat Party participate in such an Election then we must agree with the outcome and that we will never do.

This puts us in a very difficult situation because we must choose between two evils.

We wish to maintain our Civilization but at the same time we are powerless to do that and it is for this reason that people are emigrating out of here on a massif scale.

Where in the world do you get Policemen that participate in house robberies.

How can anybody trust a Policeman that rape White Woman in the police cells? Or black Police in Klerksdorp that nearly killed a White motorist when he run a red robot by accident.

No, I must say that very few people trust a Policeman and nobody wish to report crime at a Police station.


Last week on our show I told our listeners that I myself might be a target for the murderous swine that run rampant in our Country.

I told you about the farm murders where old people, specially those that lived in the Apartheid years are killed in the most horrible way.

The Boerestaat Party Erected a Memorial Head Stone in 2008 for all the woman and men that died in South Africa since 1994. 




But the killings are continuing and at this stage every White family have one or more family members falling victim to these murderers.

This week I will tell you about my own family and what happened last Friday the 22nd of August 2014.

We are five brothers of which I am the second son.

My mother is 84 years old but my father died in 1996.

Because we grew up in the era, that I call the, “era off the Pill”.

We only manage to have nine children between all of us.

Our youngest brother had no children and our second youngest brother Paul had two sons.

Paul was born in Pretoria in 1960.

My father had a Vespa scooter.

It was on this Vespa scooter, that our family, my father and our three brothers went and visit my mother in Hospital.

In those years it was called a Maternity hospital because we still had a normal birth rate.

Because Paul was born in Pretoria he got his name from Paul Kruger who was our first President of the Transvaal Republic.

We still have a big Statue of Paul Kruger on the plain in Pretoria and it is a thorn in the side of the ANC Government because they want it removed.


My brother Paul became a businessman and he was employed by various Big Businesses to streamline there buying Departments and to train their personnel on site.

He developed a training program where he trained Managers and even Directors of Companies as to how to maximize their potential as Humans and also as Managers.

He taught them how to become successful in life and how to live their life to the fullest.

He did not agree with me that we are heading for disaster in South Africa.

He did not agree with me that the White man was doomed in the current Democracy we were forced in.

He believed that all people are equal and he felt that I was a racist, meaning that I hate black people.

Now I must state here that I do not hate Black People.

All my talks are focused on the fact that White people are their own worst enemy because they themselves are reducing themselves to a Minority that will not survive in South Africa and also not in America.


Because of our obvious Political differences we saw each other only at family gatherings.

And further, because of my strong Commitment to my Nation, the Boer Nation, and his liberal views, we could not agree of the way forward.



On Friday the 22nd of August 2014 at 6am I received a phone call from my brother Pieter.

He battled to talk to me and then he blurted it out that Paul was killed an hour ago in his new home.

Paul had this designer house build on the Gholf Estate of Ernie Els and he moved into the house two weeks ago.

The reason that he bought on this Gholf Estate is that they advertise on the Internet that this Copperleaf Estate is as safe as Heaven.

They advertise that No burglar bars are allowed and also No dogs.

They advertise that you could leave your windows open and your car keys in the ignition.

They say that there was a 3 meter high fence for 8km around the property and guards patrolling 24 hrs.

They do not explain that this property is between five squatter camps of which the Diepsloot squatter camp is housing more than a million squatters. 

They do not advertise that this area is a red area regarding hi-jacking, murder and house breaking.

And my brother Paul, being a Liberal and having Government contracts and being a full BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) Company and believing that all people are equal, “he believed that he will be safe in this Hellhole”.

I told our listeners in our previous shows that you can’t build your future on lies.

Verwoerd and his criminals did that and killed 8 million White babies.

Copperfield and their team of liars also did that and lied to their home buyers that this Estate is so safe that Burglar Bars are not allowed.

And my Brother Paul and his wife believed these lies because he again believed a lie that all people are equal.

Paul entrusted his and his families safety in the hands of black security personnel because he trusted other people, irrespective of race.

He believed that if you take a Blackman and put a uniform on him he become somebody with responsibility, a person with compassion and dearness toward his fellow man.

Millions of White people make the same mistake.

They do not understand that clothing and a position of authority does not alter a person’s perception of life.                            

Most of these security guards live in the squatter camp and they live between all the criminals.

Most black woman that is working in these Multi Million Mansions also live in the squatter camps and they exchange their environment daily from squalor to the most modern environment.

And do the White people think that it happens without envy and without giving out all the information that the criminals need?

As I said in our previous shows, the Majority of issues in the world are based on lies.

Everybody must understand that they should investigate every bit of information they receive.

And there is a simple test in this, if it is good for White people, then do it but if it is bad for White people, reject it.

You have too many enemies to believe without knowing.

Ernie Els and his Marketing firm are Lairs and it will be impossible to safeguard their inhabitants.

A safe haven will include Burglar Bars, alarm systems, high mast lights, high frequency sirens, dogs on patrol and electrical fences.

Also cameras and access control.

This was not the case and now my brother is dead, killed by two black murderers that have no compassion and have no understanding of Democracy or Civilization.

They are still in the Stone Age, useless for anything.

They have been brought up by useless people and it is for these people that de Klerk gave South Africa on a platter.

And still it is not the end.

The investigation Officer is a black woman with the name of Capt. Masangu.

When I enquired information, I was told that a black Constable is in charge of the investigation.


Ladies and Gentleman, I don’t tell you all this because He was my brother.

I have failed to get him and thousands of others to understand the danger that they face.

If I can only save one life by using the American nationalist Network, then I can say that at least I was successful with you.


I can also say this to you that our family will not rest until the Black swine’s are behind bars.

But in the South African context we will start feeding them because there is no Death Penalty anymore.

There is only a jail term for them and we will pay with our Taxes to feed the animals for 10 or 20 years.

How is it possible to be loyal to such a Country with such Liberal Laws in place?

The people of America must do all in its power to stop America to de-generate to a South African situation.


Support the American Nationalist by paying your membership fees and propagate all the information that you hear on our network.

Support Rightwing Organizations and start communicating with them.

Show your support.

Buy the books that are available on the Internet and make your own decisions regarding your children’s future.

You will not survive by only listening to our radio broadcast.

You must participate to the best of your ability.


And all the Business owners out there start Supporting Rightwing Organization because in the end it will be your only choice of survival.


We have buried Paul today.

The Church was full of people but they left Paul at the back entrance.

This was a show for the Christian Church and they do not allow dead people in front of the Church.

The Christian Preacher said that he will not speak about Paul or the way that he died!He will speak about Love.

He will tell the hundreds of people gathering in the church of how we should Love our neighbors and that it must never include Hate.

Hate he said will bring us nowhere.

It will not bring Paul back.

So he said be like Paul, Love everybody irrespective of colour or creed.

Paul’s wife agreed with this Simple Simon by nodding her head up and down.

The church plays a Major role in the violent death of thousands of White South Africans.

 They proclaim at all funerals the:

1) Same sick story of turn the other cheek.

2) Love your enemy.

3) They totally agree with the Bible and Jesus that if they wish to steel your coat, please give them your undercoat also.

4) If they wish to rape your wife, please give your daughter also.

These Churches in South Africa are raving maniacs.

They did not show Paul lying in his own blood.

Shot like a dog!!!

No, they show photos of Paul on holiday catching fish and riding a boat.

Ladies and Gentleman, do you think that the Black murderers will stop if we Love them?

If we don’t get upset.

If we don’t say an eye for an eye.

Why don’t we stop the Economy in its tracks?

Why don’t we refuse to work one more day in this violent country?


I will tell you.

Because our Preachers say we must Love our enemy.

The Preachers say that you should not hate the murderers swine.

Our Preachers say turn your other cheek.

Now I say to you.    

I will put up R10 or R20 thousand Rand reward for information leading to the conviction of this Black Murderers.

I will not rest until these swine’s are in jail.

And if I had my say I will bring back the Death Penalty and save thousands of White people.


I will further Ban these Preachers of ever preaching that you should Love your enemy or turn the other cheek.


How is it possible that a Religion can be so harmful to its own believers?


Kindly yours

Coen Vermaak    


News out of Dark South Africa on 4 September 2014


1) The cries for help from a dying Mrs. Anne-Marie van Zyl (32) from Kempton Park helped the policed to arrest het attacker on the crime scene. She was stabbed nine times with a knife in her office in front of her two 9 year old daughters for the Petty Cash tin with R300 in it.



2) Two armed awaiting trial prisoners escaped from Pretoria Court holding cells. One of the escaped convicts had a pistol with him and the question must be asked how is this possible?

They came out shooting and shot two police men and ran outside the Court building and hi-jacked an unmarked police vehicle to make a quick getaway. 



3) A 37 year old White man, Mr. Barend Esterhuizen was beaten up and kicked by Black Police until he lost consciousness and ended up in hospital for four days. His crime was he drove over a red robot while talking n his cell phone at 02:00 in the morning. He also had a few drinks before driving home. 



4) The Black ANC controlled Municipality of Vredendal refused the Afrikaner singer Steve Hofmeyer to participate in a music festival.

They claimed he was a racist because he sang old Afrikaner songs and because Steve up held the Afrikaner Culture.



5) In Randfontein a Black woman cut open the stomach of her vriend to steel the unborn baby.

She was 8 ½ months pregnant.


6) The High Court of South Africa ordered today that the spy tapes and all related material must to be released to the DA party with in five working days. This is the case where the state president, Mr. Jacob Zuma was facing more than 700 charges of corruption.