Curriculum Vitae of White People

Indigenous or Alien: White or Black


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Today I wish to speak to you about a very important topic namely the situation around the word, Indigenous.

Robert Mugabe from Zimbabwe and his friend here in South Africa, Julius Malema, use this word all the time when they refer to white people as Aliens.

They don’t wish to be seen as the race-haters that they are and they therefore hide behind the word Indigenous.

We are therefore Aliens or foreigners according to them and we don’t belong here and we should not have any rights.

This actually brings us back to the Law of Nature of a Vacuum.       

Only people that have never developed any mode of transport and stayed rooted to the ground can claim to be Indigenous.

We can take the Aborigines of Australia and the Black People from Africa who have never designed a ship or an aeroplane for them to travel the world in.

The Law of Nature called a Vacuum forces all living beings to explore foreign Country, foreign Planets and foreign Galaxies and it is in the Human Nature to abide by the Law of Nature called a Vacuum.   

America is a good example of this Law where fast tracks of thousands of miles of open land were inhabitant by these new explorers and entrepreneurs who started America.

They came from Europe and settled in this country where a small number of Red Indians stayed in part of this America that we know today.

They started Towns, Cities, Airports, Harbours, Railway lines, Highways and massive Factories by using raw materials from the soil and farming activities.

Everything in your house today, from the common match to the car in your garage was manufactured by these wonderful White Immigrants.

Do you know how proud you must be to have such achievement and to have created such a wonderful world?

You must go and look in the mirror and be very proud of yourself.

All the buildings, electricity’s, computers, electronics, spaceships, clothing, schools, libraries, universities, factories, warships and war machines was designed  and build by you and your fellow white Comrades.

And all this was done by filling a vacuum that has existed in your country.

Do you understand the volume of knowledge that you have accumulated and firstly have stored it in libraries, in books and Mikrofilm?

And then, you did not keep the knowledge to yourself!!

No you exported your knowledge via the internet and used your knowledge to uplift other nations like Japan, Taiwan, China, Iran and India, so that they could become prosperous and uplift their own people who have not invented anything.      


And they have the cheek to call you foreigners.


Now in South Africa we had the same situation.

When our forefathers arrived on the shore of Cape Town guess what they found?

They found nothing, absolutely nothing.

They found a Vacuum and they did what Nature intended them to do.

They filled the Vacuum.

They build infrastructures.

They paid the Indigenous people with shiny jewels for the land that the Indigenous people had no value to.

The Indigenous People thought these newcomers were mad.


The earth was there and it did not belong to anybody and now these foreigners wants to give something in exchange for it?

They could not believe their luck and thought these people was utterly mad.


Did my forefathers found a Chief Surveyor Generals office here?

Did the Indigenous People have any surveying tools ie. Theorolite’s, Dumpy Levels, Total stations or satellite GPS reference points?

And now these Mugabe’s and Malema’s said that we stole their land?

What a joke and nobody tell them to go and jump in the sea and drown themselves!!

Lets look at all the so called foreign species in South Africa.

1) Black Wattle Trees

2) Jakaranda Trees

3) Willow Trees

4) Poplar Trees

5) Blue Gum Trees

6) Oak Trees

7) Pine Trees

8) Apricots Trees

9) Peaches Trees

10) Orange Trees

11) Lemon Trees

The list is endless as about 750 Trees has been introduced into South Africa.

All fruit trees are foreign to South Africa.

All vegetables, potato’s etc. are foreign to South Africa.

Wheat, rice, maize are all foreigners.

Most fish except the catfish are foreigners, Trout, Carb, Koi’s, Bass is food for all the Indigenous People.

Chickens, pigs, sheep and cattle are foreigners.

And of course, the White Man, with their beautiful woman are also foreigners in South Africa.

It was the white people that brought civilization to this Dark Continent.

It was they that stopped all the murder and mayhem until 1994.

They brought harmony, education, peace and a living standard not found anywhere in Africa and for that they were paid in hatred, death and destruction and the worst discrimination that can be found on earth.

How many white babies have been born?

How many white babies were aborted?

How many white people were murdered?

How many white people emigrated?

These questions can’t be answered because the white population does not exist anymore my friend.

We are now a stupid Rainbow Nation.

We have eleven nations under one flag, so what is the problem with you.

Why do you want your own schools?

Why do you want your own language?

Are you mad?

That sort of discrimination is not talked about.

They refuse to give you information because they have an agenda.

Just like Mugabe that confiscated thousands of farms and ruined his country's economy just to get rid of the white people.

This ruined the manufacturing sector because Indigenous People must have 51% of something that they did not earn. 


So ladies and gentleman, today I plead with you who understand.

Please open your mouth when the Media tells you that you are foreigners in your own Country.

Stand up, stand up for your children’s future.

Don’t believe a word that the Media is pushing down your throat.

The Media does not belong to you or your kind.

The Media is your enemy and wish for you to integrate into a worthless mess of rainbow people.

I once read a book where the author explained what will happen if you cross all the birds.

We have thousands of birds and all of them have their own specialty.

Just think what mixed up bird will you have if you crossbreed all birds.

Will this crossbreed bird be fit for any circumstances?

I believe not. 


To stop this crossbreeding you will have to do your part in our fight for survival.

And let me tell you a little secret.

Nobody is going to do it for you.

You will have to take sides.

You will have to decide if you will allow your child to be aborted.

You are the one and the only one that can make a difference.


Kind regards

Coen Vermaak


News out of South Africa on 19 June 2014


1)  The newly appointed Minster of Education wish to combine a Township school with a school in the so called white areas.

Panyaza Lesufi said he will get the people to know each other better.

He will also use busses to mix them up, he said.


2) Two elderly white people were attacked in their home in the East of Pretoria.

Jemima Lemmer was killed by her black attackers and the husband, Richard survived.  Out of his hospital bed he said that he already forgave the blacks and will bring them before Jesus.

The Church have a massive poisoned influence over old people and the Media can’t wait to publish such nonsense on the front page.


3) Brian Habana and his blond wife became parents when their first son was born and by that increased the coloured population of the Cape Province.  


Kind regards

Coen Vermaak