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Attention: Mr. Christopher John Borsella


Clive Derby-Lewis and the Communist


Ladies & gentleman, all listeners, today I wish to tell you about a true English gentleman.

This man was a member of the South African Nationalist Party and he served under BJ Voster, who was the Prime Minister after Dr. Verwoerd was killed.

This man walked out together with Andries Treurnicht to form the Conservative Party.

The Conservative Party disappeared when they merged with the Volksfront.

This man was elected back to Parlement under the Conservative Party ticket and he tried his best to stop the country being handed over to the black ANC.

This man stayed in Krugersdorp and I once heard that he was the sexiest man in the South African Politics.

His name was Clive Derby-Lewis.

Clive Derby-Lewis was jailed in 1994 for a crime that he did not commit.


Can you imagine that a man of Clive Derby-Lewis' caliber has spent 20 years in jail for something that he did not do. 

Today I am going to give you the whole story about Clive Derby-Lewis.

In South Africa the ANC refused to let Clive out on medical parole because

Chris Hani’s family refused to give their permission for Clive to be let out of jail.

Can you believe that a black family must first give their permission but if it is a black man then they don’t ask permission from a white family.

This is just the typical discrimination perpetrated against white people.


Now, in 1992 the ANC and its fellow Communist Party was unbanded by De Klerk’s National Party.

Chris Hani was the leader of the Communist Party and he went to stay near Boksburg.

At the time. 1992 – 1994 there were numerous Pro White people from Germany, Poland and even Russia in South Africa to stop the Communist take over.

One of them were a Polish Immigrant, Mr. Januzs Walus.

He believed that the Communist will perpetrate the same horrible murders here as was done by the Communist in Poland.

For you that don’t know, the Communist under a Ukraine General, rounded up more than 27,000 leaders in Poland and shot them through the head in the Katyn forest in Poland and left them to rot. 



Januzs Walus joint the Conservative Party and he befriended Mr. Clive Derby-Lewis.

They become very close friends and Januzs was given a task to find all the addresses of the unbanded Communist and ANC Leaders.

Obvious it was for defensive reasons if wholescale violence broke out as was the case in most African Countries at the time.  


Now, something else happened.

The Leader of a organization the Orde Boerevolk, Mr. Piet Rudolph and some of his members, organized a break in at the Air force headquarters in Pretoria.

In the safe they found ± 40 R5 automatic Machine Guns and numerous Z88 automatic Pistols.

All this was loaded on a vehicle and the two white “Guards” were tied up.

With Mr. Piet Rudolph was one of his members Mr. Gene Taylor.

Mr. Taylor was a Police Reservist at Pretoria North Police station.

The following day was very critical for them because the two Army Guards were questioned and they told the whole story to the Police.

When the robbery of the weapons were carried out the previous night, Mr. Gene Taylor kept one of the Z88 Pistols and being a Police Reservist he heard that the Police new who was involved.

Mr. Taylor drove to Krugersdorp and left the gun with a friend of his and went back to Pretoria.

What he did not know was the fact that his friend was friends with Mr. Januzs Walus.

The following day the Police arrested Mr. Taylor and held him at the Pretoria North Police station.

His friend in Krugersdorp heard of his arrest and he panicked about the Z88 that was in his possession.

He gave the pistol to Mr. Januzs Walus.

It was with this gun that he killed Chris Hani, the head of the Communist Party in South Africa. 



But there were no conspiracy to kill Hani.

Januzs had to find the address of the ANC and the Communist Leaders.

At the time bombs were going of all over South Africa.

Church congregations were attacked in the churches.

School children were butchered in their schoolbus at Kliprivier with AK47.

Januzs drove with his own car with his own Number plates.

He saw Chris Hani walking from the shops with a newspaper under his arm and he then took his own decision to kill Hani.

Nobody wanted to believe that there was no planning behind the murder and because of his friendship with Mr. Clive Derby-Lewis the latter was also arrested for the murder.

The generaal public was told that Clive Derby-Lewis was also involved and he was tried with Januzs for the murder.

During the trail his house maid testified that she overheard them discussing Politics and she heard that they wanted to kill blacks.

It was on her evidence that Mr. Clive Derby-Lewis was sentenced to Life in prison and I can truthfully state here that he never conspire to kill Hani.   


Now after 20 years this man was attacked in jail and stabbed by a black inmate for the 2nd time.

He has Prostate cancer and lung cancer and still the ANC Communist Party wish him to die in jail.

This man was innocently sent to jail on Trumped up charges and if they could, they would have hanged him.

The Boerestaat Party does not agree with the murdering of their opposition but Chris Hani operated out of South Africa and was the instigator of hundreds of bomb-blast and murder of innocent woman and children.

He was the head of Onkonto WeSiswe that was the army of the ANC and all of them were terrorist just as Mandela was sent to prison as a terrorist.

They planted Landmines on farm roads and woman & children that were on their way to school were blown to pieces.

White woman were targeted like the Magoos Bar in Durban and the Amanzimtoti bomb at Checkers where many white woman lost their lives.


Piet Rudolph was eventually caught and he and myself were kept in jail under article 29 of the terrorist act.

Under this act, only the Minister of Police could give permission that the accused could be brought before a Court of Law.

Mr. Rudolph was on a hunger strike for 42 days and because of his condition at the time was released on Bail.

Mr. Rudolph and myself were given amnesty by the de Klerk Government and it was for this reason that I felt obliged to carry on to try and protect my people in the new South Africa.

We lost the war, not because they were beter than us but because they were more in numbers than us and they were prepared to use violence against us.

We will never accept Democracy in a one man one vote system.

Only Qualified Franchise will be acceptable because a Dokter and a vagrant can’t have the same value and we have too many vagrants.

Talking about Democracy,

How is it possible that people believe that one man one vote are the correct method to rule a country.

How is it possible that people with no knowledge of politics can be trusted to vote in a correct manner for the best of our children’s future.

In our recent elections in May 2014 only 70% of registered voters voted.

This means that 7 million did not vote and of all the registered voters only 9 million voted for the ANC.

Therefore, out of 24 million voters, only 9 million voted for the Communist and we except that.

The Boerestaat Party will never except such a system and we need proof of a voters ability to make a balanced decision.

A vagrant standing at a intersection or a murderer or rapist in jail can’t be trusted with such an important decision.


We also can’t except a system where family members can overrule a Parole Board to hold a man in jail for 20 years with no proof of his participation in a crime that he never committed.

We, in the Boerestaat Party demands that Mr. Clive Derby-Lewis be released immediately.    


Kind regards

Coen Vermaak


News out of South Africa on 5 June 2014

1)  a Private school in Johannesburg namely the Jordao College, demanded that all the Girls removed their panty’s to proof that they did not have sex, after a condom was found in the changeroom.

This could only happen under Black management and a Black Government.

The Boys were not asked to present their underpants and this is just proof of the Government retarded attitude.


2) An Indian man that came to South Africa for the Comrades Marathon, sexually abused the white woman next to him on the flight from Moembai to Durban.

He was arrested by the South Africa Police.


3) Two Blacks were arrested near Louis Trighard for the murder of a White shop owner, Mr. Hannes Kelly (52).

He was murdered and only two days later was he found by his brother from Pretoria.



4) a Farmer of the Delmas area was attacked by Blacks for the second time in four weeks.

Mr. Jan Berg (78) was burned with an electrical iron and his daughter, Riana (45), was burned between her legs.   

Five Blacks attacked them late in the afternoon.

5) In another attack, near Nelspruit in the Eastern Transvaal, 3 Blacks were arrested after they burned Mrs. Christine Otto (72), with an electric iron and boiling water.


6) The Boerestaat Party has started a campaign to Generate funds to build a Hospital where their members can have free births if they have a Birth Policy.


Kindly yours

Coen Vermaak


Birth Policy of the Boerestaat Party

One thing the policy does not cover, is ceserian section.

Many ladies, eg. 65% of white ladies, give birth to their children with ceserian section.

We are against it, as it makes the doctors rich and many times the baby is born prematurly.

If it is medically possible we would like the lady to give normal birth as it is a womans privelage to give birth and all woman should be able te experience this.

The birth policy is only available to members of the Boerestaat Party and must be in existance 3 months before she falls pregnant.

The mother or mother-in-law that is a member of the Boerestaat Party can buy a policy for her daughter and give it as a present.

Now what do we do about the current situation when a lady is already pregnant.

I propose the following.

Pay R700 per month for the next 9 months and the Boerestaat Party will pay the amount of R18,000 for the hospital of your choice.

You must also endeavour to recruit new members.

The more members we have that pay’s membership fees of R100 per month, the more ladies like yourself, we can assist.

If we have 1000 members we will have an income of R100 000 per month or

R1.2 million per year.

Then we can think of our own hospital where our woman can bring their babies to life free of charge.

Everything is possible but then our nation must support us consiously.


This is a letter that was sent to a Lady with a daughter whom was pregnant and had nowhere to go exept a State Hospital with Black doctors to help her to give birth.


Kindly yours

Coen Vermaak