And half of them were daughters

Ladies and gentleman and all our listeners of the American Nationalist Network.  Thank you for listening to our regular show every Thursday at 12 noon.

This is the Boer Voice out of South Africa in the Dark Continent.

We have spoken many times of how we arrived in Africa in 1652.

How we eventually trekked into the Africa Veld and found the Freestate and most of Transvaal treeless and devoid of humans as there were no firewood for the naked natives.

We talked about how we struggled to get a foothold in 300 years and how we eventually killed the future generations by sterilizing our woman and supply them with contraceptives that we like to call Human Insecticide.

We also talked about the Soweto uprising where the black people had no written language and they refused to be taught in Afrikaans or English.

We also talked about the Boer War when England invaded the Boer Republics to annex the gold and diamond fields.

And that is a very important time in our history because a third of my nation was killed by the English and note that it was white people killing white people.

They were killed on the battlefields and as in all wars the woman and children were killed in the Concentration Camps that the English set up all around the Boer Republics.

What a pity, what a great pity that we had whites again killing whites.

As in the two World Wars where whites killed whites to the tune of 70 million young white men that lost their lives for nothing.

Here, at the turn of the century, just when we started to build farms, towns, cities, railways and roads, England decided to invaded us and burned everything to the ground.

We can say that the Jewish hand was in the dark but it does not alter the fact that white people attacked other white people and killed them in the most horrible way.

We lost 27,000 woman and children in the Concentration Camps.

Many women left their children to die because they were raped by the English and they could not go home with the Englishman’s child.

In many instances some woman took these rape babies home and husband was either dead or he had to understand.

The trauma of this war is still with us today and very few of my nations think kindly of an Englishman.     


On this point I wish to indicate that in all wars in the history of the white people, the woman and children was the target of the enemy.

Genghis Khan left thousands of white women pregnant when he and his hoard swept through Europe.

Russia did not leave one German woman unmolested when they took Berlin.

The stories in the Bible explain also these horrible acts of the Jews as they killed the children and woman of the enemy.

Now in the Boer War the English used an excuse that the men did not surrender and the woman on the farms were supplying them with food and horses.

They then set up a scorched Earth Policy where they build blockhouses in line of sight; they burned down all the farmhouses and killed all the sheep, dogs, horses and cattle’s.

Then they abducted the woman and children and loaded them on open trains to be transported to the nearest Concentration Camp.

During the trek from the farm the woman and young daughters were raped by the English and the black soldiers that were under the command of the English.   


Now we can see how they had to stay in tents behind wire fences and in the bitter cold of 1900 to 1902 they started to die of hunger and every sickness that the English brought with them from Europe.

23,000 children and 4000 woman died in these camps.

At the time the Boer Nation consisted of only 180,000 people and we lost in total 20% of our population in three years.

Now, I wish to explain to you what the effect had of this horrible extermination of the Boer Nation.

At that time woman had up to ten children in her lifetime but let us make our calculation on six children per woman and for our argument we will use Natures Law that 50% will be daughters.

Let’s take the 4000 woman first.

Most of them would have had six children and half would be girls.

That gives us 4000 x 3 and that means 12,000 daughters.

In 1920 these ladies will again have six children with half of them daughters.

That is 12,000 x 3 and that brings us to 36,000 girl children.

These girls will have six children again in 1940 and half will be daughters, that is

36,000 x 3 and that gives us 108,000 ladies.

In 1960 these 108,000 will have another 6 children where 50% will be girls. That is 108,000 x 3 and that brings us up to 324,000.

In 1980 they will have six children and 50% will be girls.

That is 324,000 x 3 and that leaves us with 972,000 girls.

In 2000 these 972,000 will have six children and that is half girls.

That is 972,000 x 3 = 2,916,000 girls. 

Now we only counted the girls and now we must add the boy children and that means that the 4000 dead woman in 1900 to 1902 meant 5.832 million people that was never born.    


We can now make the same calculation of the 23,000 children that died at the hands of the English in 1900 to 1902.

There were 23,000 dead children and 50% of them were girls.

Therefore 11,500 girls would and could have six children from 1920.

That is then 11,500 x 3 girl children and that amounts to 34,500 daughters from 1920.

In 1940 these 34,500 would again have 3 girls each and that woud be then 103,500.

In 1960 these 103,500 would have three (3) girls each and then that figure would be 310,500 girls.

In 1980 again 3 girls per woman and then the figure would be 931,500.

In the year 2000 again we would work on 3 girls per woman and then it would be 2,794,500.

If we now add the other half that were boys then the total would be 5,589,000 people that were never born due to the 23,000 children that died in the British Concentration Camps in 1900 to 1902.

Please note that the 4000 Woman had one generation more than the 11,500 girls and that we took a general figure of six per generation if the pill did not appear as Human Insecticide.

We also know that not all people are fit to have children and we also know that people die before they can have children.

This figure 11,42 million of lost people might not be 100% true but it gives us a indication of between 5% of the true figure of lost people in our Nation.

If we add the 3 million that are alive now then we can see that our total Population could have been 14 million and that would have created a total different scenario as what we have now in the so called New South Africa. 


Can you now see that a War of three years 1900 to1902 had such a massive influence on the outcome of South Africa of today?

We have also proved in our previous show how Dr. Verwoerd’s Policy forced White Woman into the Labour Market and that had the effect that 90% of our woman was sterilized, a Pill or on any of the other 15 methods to stop White babies to be born.That was also the reason why Dr. Gerrit Mes shouted to high Heaven and asked

Mr. White Man, What Now.

The Pill alone stopped 8 million White babies from being born from 1960 onwards.

With the 14 million missing due to the Boer War we can clearly see that 22 million was lost for all times.

And now we can understand the Population explosion under Black South Africa as Nature does not allow a Vacuum.

This Vacuum of 22 million was filled by Black children and the White Tax Payer, the White teachers, the White Entrepreneurs and the White Voter has to provide food, shelter, transport, work and security for the people that filled the Vacuum

Is this hard to understand?

Do you disagree with all the evidence before you?

I wish to state here clearly today that the Black People are not to be blamed for this situation World Wide.

This problem has got nothing to do with IQ or hate or Racism.

This is a fact ruled by Natures Law.

You wished not to compete.

The average White South African household consists of 3.05 people.

Do you think that you, as a member of the White Race are doing your duty or don’t you care?

So here we are in 2014 and facing the next 86 years.

Your one child that is born today might just make it and survive to 2100.

We have 7 billion people on Earth today and by that time we will have 20 billion on Earth and 90% will be Black.

Please listen on the Internet to the Song “Silent Cry of the Boer” and you may just understand the massive task that is placed in your hands.

Take this Song and play it everyday until you truly understand what your duties are.


We have gone before you in South Africa.

We have shown you the way and what is coming your way.

We have held the mirror in front of you and it is your turn to respond to all this.


Ladies and Gentleman, if you understand what I have talked about and what the effect was on us in this far off country then it must be clear that we are our own worst enemy.

Let’s take a further example just to simplify this shortsightedness.

Let’s say that it is possible to reach another Planet.

Let’s say that this Planet have inhabitants that is still in the Stone Age.

We arrive and we start to build a proper civilization and start to overcome all obstacles related to the Natural environment on this Planet.

And just when everything runs smoothly and we got everything under control, then we have a meeting and we decide that children is not needed and that sex is only for recreational purposes and not for procreation purposes and that all woman should be sterilized so that we can enjoy life and we can sit in the sun all day.

* So there we have it, we have the most beautiful White Woman.

* We have the most Intelligent People.

* We have created everything on Earth.

* We created Schools, Universities, Factories, Railways, Roads, Airplanes, Ships and everything that is thinkable and then we stopped ourselves in our tracks.

We must ask the question, where did the rot came from?

* Who told us that the world is overpopulated?

* Who told us that children is expensive?

* Who told us that sex is a sin?

* Who told us that it is against the Law to have more than one wife?

* Who told the lies about the so called Aids Virus?

* Who created inflation and stopped men to earn enough to support his family?

* Who propagate integration and marriage across the racial line?

* Who transport children in busses so that young girls can meet other racial groups on a social platform?

* Who make the video’s and films to propagate sex between races?

* Who manufacture Porn?

* Who said you must love your enemy?

* Who said that you should give everything to the poor?

Ladies and Gentleman, I think you know your enemy and it is clear that you should do something about it.

You can rightly ask the Question as what should you do and my advice is as follows.

1) You should have your own Country.

2) You should do your own work.

3) You should have your own Government.

4) You should have four children per household.

5) You must stop Mixed Marriages.

6) Hollywood and all Jewish controlled newspapers must be banned.

7) You must control your own news.

8) You must control your own schools and universities.

9) You must stop all Wars where Whites are killed on a massive scale.

10) You should love your own kind.


1) You should have your own Country

If I am correct then America has 310 million people and of them 100 million is Black.

We don’t count the South Americans that stay in America, so you can already see that if only a small number of Whites Vote for the black President, that you will never again have a White President. A Colored President is a stepping stone for a Black President and that is coming your way.

2) You should do your own Work

The reason for the massive influx of South Americans is Work.When they earn money in your Country they send it back home and in the meantime they make children with your woman.


3) You should have your own Government

If you think you have your own Government, then you are mistaken.The state should fund all elections and not big business and Hollywood as it is now.

Your whole Democracy is rigged and if you play their game with their rules you can only lose.

4) You should have your own four Children

This must be taught to every White Man, Woman and child.This must happen otherwise everything is lost.

5) Stop Mixed Marriages

These people should be ignored and all Mixed Marriage people should not be employed.Everybody must talk about it in public so that it become Popular to discriminate against them.

6) Control your own News

If you have a Loyal Government, then they must fund the newspapers to stop the enemy to brainwash your nation.

7) You must Control your own Schools and Universities

I honestly do not understand why White people allow their Government to dictate to them how the schools must be run.

You must have the right to have your own Schools and Universities to teach your children your own culture and customs.   

8) Stop all Wars against other White People

When you are in control of your own Children then it is easy to install Love for your own kind. It is for this reason that your Enemy Control your schools to stop you from being proud of being White.  Love your own kind and say that to somebody Everyday       


News out of South Africa on 10 July 2014


1)  a Black man was stopped by the Police.

This man was carrying a bag and in the bag they found (private parts) testicles, a penis and hands that was cut from a body that the Police latter discovered. The Black man was on his way to take the body parts to a witchdoctor.

No mention was made if the body parts were of a White or Black man.


2) Black thieves approach a White lady at her business in Rustenburg.They shot Mandie Jansen van Rensburg twice in her head and she died on the scene. Mandie’s husband, George was at work at the time.  


3) Abortion has a devastating effect on the adoption figures of White children.Adoption figures indicate that no White babies are available and only Black babies are available for adoption. 


4) It came to the attention of the DA in Limpopo that the names of their Party representatives appear on a Hit List after a member of the Party was shot in his car and died on the scene.Piet Pale had no chance of survival as he was shot three times through the window.


5) a Farmer from Groblersdal was shot in his face when four Blacks attacked Mr. Rudolph Pretorius on his farm. He died on the scene.

His wife Hanlie was severely beaten and left for dead.


6) a White Lady died in a attack on their farm by three Black men near Reitz.Mrs. Adele Viljoen was 83 years old and she was beaten to death.


7) Mr. Sakkie Friedberg (86) was murdered by Blacks while walking in the street in Pietersburg in the Limpopo Province. He was a resident of a old age home and went for a walk on a regular basis.  


Kindly yours

Coen Vermaak