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We explained last week how the Boer War killed 4,000 Woman and 23,000 children and that the end result was that we lost 14 million Babies.


Through the Pill we lost 8 million Babies since 1961 when Dr. Verwoerd Introduced the Pill so that our Woman could enter the Labour Market 1961.


Today I wish to speak to you about another onslaught against the White People and that is the AIDS Hoax


In the Malaysian Plane that was shot down this week over the Ukraine their were a 100 delegates to a AIDS Conference in Australia.

These people were the foot Soldiers for the AIDS Peddlers and all they wished to do is kill of our next generation.

Don’t for one minute believe that they had your safety 

The whole AIDS Hoax started in 1980 in South Africa the man at the head of the AIDS Campaign was a Jewish dokter, Ruben Shér.

Doctors are leading the bizarre chase after a Virus that could never be found.

We know, by reading the Fourth Edition of Contraception, Theory & Practice that are use to train doctors in South Africa’s Universities, that their focus is to stop births at all costs.

As far as I am concerned, the Medical doctors are in the same Category as the preachers in the Afrikaans Churches.

They have only one goal in life and that is to reduce the Global Population.

They are the killers, the new terrorist and the enemy of the White race.

They are in the forefront to stop as many births as possible and we have to ask the question, why will a Jewish Doctor try his utmost to stop the so called AIDS virus under White People?

Could it be that the Virus was not really the target?

This doctor, Ruben Shér had all the answers in 1980.

He predicted that by the year 2000 there won’t be any workers left but he never tried to increase our workforce by insisting that we should have more children to replace those that are going to die on such a massive scale.

He claimed that the Virus could only be transferred through sex and that Saliva, tears and other body fluids were safe and will not transmit the AIDS Virus.

Nobody should be discriminated against he proclaimed in all the seminars that he held across the country.

The newspapers gave him all the space that he needed.

Homosexuals were not a danger to normal people and according to him no discrimination should be held against Homosexuals.

The first Medical reports from Paris and the United States indicated that the Virus came originally from Homosexual men, if we can call them “men”.

The world Health organization grabbed this opportunity with both hands and the use of condoms increased a thousand fold with condoms supplied by them free of charge.

They set up an organization in all their target countries called “Love Life” and they pumped in billions of Dollars for their advertising campaign against the poor AIDS Virus.

Shér said in 1980 that AIDS patients will only live 2 to 3 years.

Shér also said that AIDS should not be a notifiable disease and that AIDS testing should be left to the individual person.

Shér also added up to ten old sicknesses to the AIDS Virus.

TB, Goneria, Shingles, Cervical Cancer, Kaposi Sarcoma, Thrush, Bacterial Infections etc, he and his World Health Organizations Partners claimed that if you are positive and you die of TB then is, is because of AIDS.

Now, our Listeners must understand that all doctors in South Africa are trained to think that there is an over population problem world wide.

They are trained to fight a Virus that nobody can proof and nobody can isolate.

An American Latex Manufacturer placed an advertisement in our newspaper and stated that a Condom can’t stop a Virus as it is ment to stop a sperm that is thousands of times bigger than a Virus.

A Virus is as a double door to a half dollar coin compared to a sperm and condoms can’t stop viruses.

But nobody wants to listen as sex became death.

If you have sex without a condom you die.

If you have sex with a condom your descendants die and both these scenario’s was acceptable to our Jewish Doctor, the World Health Organization and the United Nations.

To explain to our Listeners, the AIDS Virus is said to camouflage itself by entering the White blood cells and lay dormant until you are infected by another Virus.

Then all of a sudden this virus come to life and kills the White blood cells.

They are so small that they are impossible to detect and the only way is to test for Anti-Bodies to indicate that the virus was present in the past.

But, we must understand Nature.

Nature develops a system in your body where Anti-bodies are the soldiers to stop all infections.

I will never believe that Nature creates a system to protect you and then Nature develops a system to overcome or bypass the Protection.

What is true is that drug addicts, drunkards and Homosexuals that use recreational drugs damage their bodies so much that Proteins develop in the body because of this abuse and then antibodies are formed against these Proteins.

That is why the AIDS Virus can’t be found and it will never be found because the Proteins are again absorbed and no traces are left except the Antibodies.

Thousands of doctors Worldwide agree to this statement but the AIDS Lobby make a lot of money and they have a very serious impact on our next generation.

Condoms kill millions of White Babies where the so called AIDS Virus kills basically No White Baby.

Think for yourself, how many families and friends of you have died of AIDS.

Can you name just one person that you personally know that died of AIDS?

But I bet you that you know many people that died of a heart attacks, cancer, accidents, kidney failure and liver problems.

AIDS had no impact on the White population.

To proof this in the South African Context we had a death rate of 7 people per thousand before 1980 and we still have a death rate of 7 per 1000.

It is not clear what the figure is for the Black part of our Country because deaths and births records was not properly kept in the years before 1994 and the homelands had no statistics what so ever.

There is no increase in the death rate and funeral-parlors are not increasing at all.

What happened is that people moved in from the rural areas to look for work and we sit with a massive shortage of Hospitals and Clinics in the Cities.

Shortages of Houses, Water, Electricity’s, sewage and roads are also very much in demand.

In 1994 de Klerk handed over Power to the ANC because his advisers told him that AIDS will become such a big problem that a White Minority Government will not be able to cope with all the dead people and they decided on this point to hand over Power. 

Now this massive death and destruction never happens and the workers did not die like flies as predicted by our Jewish Doctor, Ruben Shér.

Our population has grown since 1994 to today from 44 million to 50 million.


Does that sound like an Epidemic to you?     

No it was just Propaganda and I can hear some of our listeners saying “How can it be that we have a man in 2014” that still does not believe that the AIDS Virus exists”??

Well Ladies and Gentleman, you still get people today that believe that a snake and donkey can talk.

You still get people that believe that a Man with all his Power in his Hair could catch 300 jackals without any holding camps and set their tails alight.

The lies about the AIDS Virus can be proven and we don’t have to believe anything.

At this stage I wish to list the methods that our enemies use to kill our Babies.

1.   Our woman use the Pill

2.   Our woman are sterilized

3.   Our woman’s womb is damaged beyond repair by dokters doing Cecerian Sections

4.   Condoms are freely available

5.   Men are led to believe that they should go for a vasectomy.

6.   AIDS are used to create a fear for sex.

7.   Our churches teach that sex is a SIN

8.   Homosexual people are placed on the pedestal to be seen as good examples.

9.    Abortions are Legalize and no White Babies are available for adoption.

10. The morning after Pill RU486 is freely available at Chemist

11. I.U.D are placed in our woman’s womb

12. Sperm Insecticide is sold to young people.

13. Estrogen plasters, Implants and Plasters are given to our woman by doctors that are trained to kill our next generation.

14. Female condoms are developed for woman.

15. Diafragmas are inserted in the servicks of our woman.


So here you can see that it is basically impossible to have a baby and the proof is that in South Africa the White households consist of 3.05 people.

Do you now understand why Europe and America import black labour.

We have an existing economy that needs to be maintained.

With no children, the next Generation does not exist and then Labour must be imported from 3rd World Countries and Africa that is actually a 4th World Continent.

America has 45 million black People and Europe have more than 10 million that do the work for the Europeans and make children with the White woman.


What is it that you as listeners can’t understand?

Please investigate the AIDS Hoax in the Internet and don’t take anything for granted.

“I wish to read to you an assay that I wrote many years ago”

The name of the Assay is:

“I have seen the Enemy”

I saw the Enemy by Coen Vermaak

The factory stretched for kilometers without a beginning or end.

The whole length of the factory is occupied by production units and all of them ends up on a conveyor-belt that is moving very slowly towards the exit.

Each one knows instinctively to lay in the correct direction with their heads first.

Warm liquid is sprayed on them to keep them warm and moist.

The temperature is controlled and the factory moves forward and backward to keep the temperature at 34˚C.

Just before they reach the tunnel they receive a proteïen bag.

No 102,658 will later be very thankful because this proteïen will let him live for three days.

He actually only now realize what is happening around him.

There were millions around him just like himself.

He moves into the tunnel with the millions behind him but they move very slowly.

He become wedge between others and can’t move.

They lay like sardines very tightly packed together.

He becomes exited because he can antispate what is going to happen. 

Three days later he realized that some of them are dying.

Around him he can see movement as some convulse and die.

For no 102,568 dying is a luxury.

He knows that everything depends on him and that he alone will win the race.

Then it happens, it sounds like a heart racing and he feels the tunnel moving.

Now everything is chaos.

Strong movement forced him forward and he tumble in the thick ocean.

As he exit the tunnel he realized that all his dreams came true.

The wonderful aroma smells like a Million roses and the liquid caress his body and he know that he was in Paradise and that the long wait was worth it.

From his left side he smells this wonderful aroma and he moves in that direction.

The route that he has to follow was 37 kilometers.

On both sides there were majestic ravines and massive mountains but he had only one aim and that was, to gets past all the obstacles in his way.

Halfway up on his route, acid rain burst out of the sides and behind him millions died and disappeared from sight. Off all the millions only a handful remains.

Only hundreds of them manage to complete the race.

No 102,658 was one of the first reach their destiny and he could see massive damage was done around him.

Deep cut marks was visible and then he saw the white pipe!

He could not believe it!!!!

The pipe was cut and rotting materials was everywhere.

He slowly turned around and he new that death was waiting.

He new that all the effort, the long wait, the death and destruction that they had to face, was for nothing.

But he also realized that it was not only his death that was at stake.

It was the death of eternal life that he was facing.

The life of White Sperm.

Kindly yours

Coen Vermaak    


News out of South Africa on 24 July 2014

As many of you know by now Nadine Gordimer died on Tuesday the 5th of July 2014.

It was reported in every news bulletin on every radio Station that this Woman died at age 90.

She was a ANC Supporter for 40 years and was the receiver of the Nobel Price for Literature.

What the news regretlebly did not mention was that she was Jewish.

The radio Stations also did not inform the Public that the following Jews were the main driving force behind the ANC since 1961.

Herewith then is a list of the force behind the ANC.

What is the Connection between these People


  1. Arthur Goldreigh
  2. Dennis Goldberg
  3. Rusty Bernstein
  4. Bob Hepple
  5. Joe Slovo
  6. Harold Wolpe
  7. Braam Fisher
  8. Joël Joffe
  9. Arthur Chaskalson
  10. Mendal Kaplan
  11. Lorna Levy
  12.  Howard Sackstein
  13.  Deborah Posell
  14.  Wendy Kahn
  15.  Rowley Arendstein
  16.  Ronny Kasrills
  17.  Dr. Warren Goldstein
  18.  Ivan Glasenberg
  19.  Ben Turok
  20.  James Kantor
  21.  Sol Kerszner
  22. Helen Zuzman
  23.  Harry Schwartz
  24.  Tony Leon
  25.  Helen Zille
  26.  David Saks
  27.  Nadine Gordimer
  28.  Ridgard Goldstone
  29.  Phillip Tobias
  30.  Pieter Dirk Uys
  31.  Albie Sachs



All of these people endeavor and pledge their lives to make sure that the Black ANC Government comes into Power in South Africa.


And they are further connected by being Jewish and loyal to their own country Israel.